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Related post: Date: Tue, 28 preteen models dress Sep 2004 12:51:27 -0400 From: Subject: OUT OF THE RUBBLE - 26OUT OF THE RUBBLE - 26Copyright 2004 by Carl MasonAll rights reserved. Other than downloading one copy for strictly personal enjoyment, no part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical, except for reviews, without the written preteens naturists permission of the author. preteens porn free Comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed to the author at story contains descriptions of sexual contact between a young adult male and young male teenagers. Nevertheless, "Out of the Rubble" is neither a strictly "suck and fuck" exercise nor is it a story that focuses on the "love of adults for the young"...often without sex or with the mere suggestion of sex. If you are looking for these types of erotic fiction, there are fine examples of each on Nifty. neked preteen boys Something slightly different is required here.However based on real events and places, "Out of the Rubble" is strictly fictional. Any resemblance to actual events, or locales, or persons, living or dead, topless preteen porn is entirely coincidental. Further, this is homoerotic fiction designed for the personal enjoyment of legal, hopefully mature, adults. If you are not of legal age to read such material, if those in power and/or those whom you trust treat it as illegal, or if it would create unresolvable preteen nude girlis moral dilemmas in your life, please leave. Finally, remember that maturity generally demands that anything other preteens tgp than safe sex is sheer insanity!Thank you, Ed C., for your devoted help on this section of the story! PART 26(Revisiting the End of Part 25)As they left camp for Hassfurt on the morning of the seventh day, both boys found it very difficult to contemplate preteen kdz cp returning to civilization. Reluctantly, Andreas removed his ball weight & preteen girl board stretcher, as well as his butt plug and slave collar, cleaned and packed them away, and donned the traditional hiking outfit that Rolf had brought from Frankfurt. preteen poorn They emerged from the woods at about 1500 hours (3:00 pm) just a short distance from the first houses of russian legal preteens the town. Turning back, remembering their new friends who lived to the east, the two youngsters gazed at the forest-covered Hasseberge, rising in waves towards the Soviet Zone frontier. They stood dreamily, arms around the other's shoulders. Heavily tanned, Andy's hair bleached to a light blond, Rolf's to a less intense black - and, if anything, more tightly muscular than when they had left - they felt on top of the world. "Super hike, Andy," Rolf allowed. "Yeah, a real super hike!" french preteen pictures Andy agreed.(Continuing Our Story: Bears & Barons)It was already September and the weather hot preteens photos had cooled a bit when the Baron returned to Tieferwald. Actually, he had come down to talk with Ehrhardt. Inasmuch as about 15 miles (24 underage hardcore preteen km) of road that seemed to have been under repair forever had just been opened, he found himself at his preteen ru destination far too early to disturb a man with a wife and small baby. Thus, he wandered into the kitchen where he found Bruno, the resident ski expert. Great! He had brought a copy of one of the bear pictures taken in the Hasseberge that had been earmarked for the youngster. Rolf grinned as he remembered laughingly referring to Bruno as "the bear's 'cousin'." Good timing!Bruno immediately rose and politely said, "Guten Morgen, Herr Baron" ["Good morning, Baron."]. Rolf would have none of it. After all, he said, he was one of The House's "Old Boys." Besides, all the "bowing and scraping" made him uncomfortable, especially when Bruno and he were so close in age. Although Bruno tried to smile, Rolf quickly gathered that he was feeling pretty low. "What's wrong, man?" he asked. "Damn it all, Rolf, I feel like I got kicked in the balls! Yesterday, I found out that Germans won't be allowed to compete in the 1948 Winter Olympic Games at St. Moritz. That's shitty! How preteen model myusenet long is this damned war going to last?""Well, if you're not going to sleep," Rolf asked, "how about a cup of coffee?" While it was brewing, the young man brought out japanese preteens photos the picture of "Bruno the Bruin." "There IS a slight family resemblance, wouldn't you say...maybe distant preteen angels preteen cousins?" he snickered. A slight grunt was about all he got in return, for Bruno wasn't quite ready to be cheered up. "It's yours, if you want it, friend. I'll leave candid preteen bikini it for you here on the table."Making an effort, Bruno said, "I hear you and Andy had a good hike." "Yeah, Rolf replied, "it was fantastic! We saw some super country...up towards the Soviet Zone in the Hasseberge, you know. Got some great pictures...met some interesting people as well as Bruno the Bruin. Came back in that condition you can never quite reach in the Exercise Club." "Yeah," Bruno preteen forum sex agreed, "I know. I was really looking forward to the physical training that's part of getting ready for the 'Big Games'."Listen, Bruno," Rolf said with sudden enthusiasm, "I have an idea that just might prove interesting to you. Bear with me and tell me a bit preteen nipple about yourself.""Well, there isn't really preteen hot crazy all that much to tell. I fled for my life from Yugoslavia's Slovenian Republic; my father and mother, both medical doctors - and all my close relatives - died in Auschwitz; I escaped with the help of my coach; I guess I've skied about as long as I can remember. What else? Well, I'm really into physical fitness and use the Exercise Club regularly. I guess I do 'pretty well' in school, especially in math boy movie preteen and science. I don't have any really close friends at DAS HAUS, but the ski trip gave me some visibility and I like living here. Does that help, Rolf?""Yeah, that helps a lot! Tell you what I'm thinking," preteen boob pics Rolf said. "Some guys with whom I served in the SS and I are planning to form a ski club this winter. You know...get into shape, get those skis on...maybe pick up a race or two. They're preteen 12yo fuck mainly 18 and 19 - one's 20 - but nude preteen teens given your reputation on the slopes... If you are interested in trying out..."Oh, I'm interested, Rolf! I'm interested, but I can see a couple of possible problems." (Rolf's eyes told him to continue.) "First, my mother was Jewish and, secondly, I'm straight. What does that add up to...for you?"Rolf grinned, stretched lazily, and got his answer straight before he opened his mouth. (Though only 18, his Frankfurt experiences had already taught him a few things!) "Why didn't you go to Palestine?" he asked abruptly. "'Cause I'm German!" the answer returned...just as abruptly. "Don't get me wrong, Rolf. I respect - and I understand - those who have emigrated, but it just isn't for me. This is my country, for better AND worse." "Fair enough, Rolf continued, "Now it's your turn not to get ME wrong. I mean no disrespect. I just have to tell you that I don't give a damn whether a guy's cut or uncut - in the locker room or outside it. I want to see what he maxwell movies preteen can do out on the slopes...or in DAS HAUS...or talking with me right now. I can't believe that so many bought Hitler's crap about 'pure Aryan preteen nudist families blood' and 'Untermenschen' [sub-humans]!" "And my question about being straight?" Bruno persisted. "Our group has both gays and straights, Bruno," Rolf answered. I'm gay myself, but the last thing I would do is push myself on someone who wasn't. I've got too much respect for myself - and no less for the other guy.""Have you taken any crap about either of these issues here?" Rolf asked. "No!" Bruno exclaimed. "Sometimes it gets a little tense, preteen boys board3 but everyone asian preteens fashion in DAS HAUS has pretty much decided that race and the gay-straight thing are non-issues as long as everyone supports the other guy as his brother. In Europe, you'd be surprised by how many people have more than a few drops of 'Jewish blood'. And you find brothers who are gay and straight in a lot of families. I have...had...a brother who was gay," he concluded, choking just a bit. "I guess that's me, Rolf...good, bad, and indifferent. Do beautiful naked preteens I still have any chance of trying out for your club?""You're damned right you do!" Rolf spat out. "I'll be in touch in about a month - count preteen future models on it!" Grinning, his spirits seeming to be rise by the second, Bruno preteen with horse picked up the photo and looked at it. "My cousin, huh? That's a really OLD bear! I bet I have almost as much hair as he does!" (pause) As he tucked preteenm models the photo into his shirt pocket, he said simply, "Thanks, Rolf...thanks!"Just as Bruno left, Ehrhardt popped his head into the kitchen. preteen lsmodels Seeing Rolf, he preteen rape movie asked whether he would like to preteendigest list have a cup of coffee with Sam and him before they spoke privately.(Crime & Punishment)>From the moment that they walked into his tiny office, Ehrhardt and Rolf knew that Sam was still tied up in emotional knots by the "Otto mess" (see Parts 23/late and 24/early). The Director was confused, for he wanted both to preteen nudes 15yo vent and to redeem his earlier promise to Ehrhardt that they would continue their discussion about war and killing (see Part 18/early).As soon as they had their coffee, Sam began talking about the pain he felt, not only about Otto's actions, but also about the momentary look of terror that he had seen on the boy's face as he trudged up the walk to his mother's apartment house. models litlle preteen "Truthfully, gentlemen, what did I buy by suspending him?" he asked.As much as preteen video nude he respected and liked Sam, Ehrhardt was really pretty tired of the "softness" that motivated these kinds of questions. "What's bothering you so, boss? Would you have preferred that a kid who was proved to be a liar, a thief, and a bully be allowed to continue living at DAS HAUS?"Rolf who was no less appreciative and supportive couldn't help but speak his mind. "As much as we hate to admit it, Sam, there IS such a thing as an incorrigible kid. If you don't get rid of the rotten will ruin the whole barrel!"Sam asked about the chances of Otto's "making it" - even if he did provide the names of two men who stood ready to help him. In utter frustration, both of Sam's friends sputtered, "Is that OUR fault? How could WE possibly be responsible?"Sam, who was not exactly naughty preteen real unfamiliar with the attitudes that were being expressed, pulled back and tried another tack. "Are we trying to assign responsibility - and, perhaps, escape our own - or are we trying to save kids? Come on, guys! Let's avoid the whole 'blame game.' Let's think for a moment about what we might conceivably have done to help Otto before suspending him."The suggestions that followed were not quite those for which Sam was hoping. "Find the money for another dozen staff members. Then we'd have a fair chance of catching the little bastards!" How about establishing a detailed 'rules and penalties' book and enforcing it without collection free preteen exception?"Sam suggested that they might give every kid admitted to DAS HAUS some training in handling their aggression. The office exploded! "Why young black preteens in God's name would you want to do that?" "Aggression is 'natural' in males of all the 'higher' species! Though I've never seen anything about it in texts, I had a professor at Heidelberg who observed preteen nude best chimps killing monkeys and even each other! Look at human history! Isn't war a constant?" "However terrible war may be, most of the great human inventions have their origin in wartime needs." "Are you trying to make our preteen cute butts kids into asia preteen girls little girls?" "Are you trying to do away with sport?" And so it went...on, and on, and on.With more than a preteen nonude toplists trace of sarcasm, Sam interrupted to say that Tieferwald and Frankfurt - let alone the adolescents with whom they worked daily - provided examples of why simply "accepting aggression as natural" might have its limits. "In any case," he went forced fucked preteens on, "we may be getting off the track. I'm talking about helping kids preteen masterbation learn how to channel their aggression and to express it at the right time and in less destructive ways."At that point, Rolf replied, "Well, if that's what we're talking about, maybe giving the kids some training in managing their aggression when they get preteen sun here might help. But what if there ARE 'incorrigibles'?"Sam's reply was gay preteen nudist straightforward, "Maybe there will be those whom we can't help - and we'll lose them - but is that a good reason for failing to help those we can? Let me see if I can come up with an educational approach and some materials that we might consider." Looking at his watch, he added, "Get out of here. I know you guys need to talk. Besides, these September mornings are getting cool, and candid hot preteens I need to talk to a few people about purchasing a new furnace for this barn!"(Andy's Day) FranzAndreas was doing his damnedest to make sense of tonight's assignment in genetics when a knock sounded at his door. "Herein! [Come in!"], he shouted over the music. "Hi, Franz! Just give me a moment. Sit!" Clearing his desk with obvious relief, he turned to his visitor. "What's up, friend?""Andy, I'm in real trouble!" (An european preteen 15yo obviously shattered youngster sat in front of him. That was strange, for Franz was normally one of preteen lesbian forum the most easy-going guys in the entire House. Now he sat, sweating, unable to keep his hands still, his face ashen, trembling with... Well, whatever it was, it sure wasn't good!)Reaching over and putting his hand on Franz's shoulder, Andy continued, "Hey, friend...I'm here, and I'm with preteen sex fotos you all the way. Tell me what in hell's wrong."Further confounding Andy and pushing his sense of apprehension up towards the ceiling, Franz broke into wild sobbing. "Oh, Andy, God's going to strike me dead - if they don't shoot me first!" Andy quickly answered, "Hey, Franz, I can't speak for God, but nobody's going to shoot you. Believe me, if we have to, we'll have nonnude preteen bath the police here in minutes! "Please, Andy, no police..." Franz sighed. "Come on, man," Andy urged, "tell me what's wrong. Then we'll work on this together!""Andy, Genevieve's pregnant! busty preteen models Maybe a month or so... We didn't believe it, so I took her to a doctor over in Grosser Kammlen. She is - and she's going to have a baby, probably sometime in May!"Andy went on to ask about their ages (Franz was 16; Genevieve would be 16 in a little over two weeks.) and whether Franz was reasonably sure he was the father. Genevieve had barely agreed to have sex with him, Franz reported, and they loved each other wildly. As he continued talking with his friend, the situation seemed to get worse. Both were expellees; both had lost their families in the War. (Franz's preteen pantis family had lived in Hungary; Genevieve's in Poland.) While Franz wasn't active in a church, Genevieve was a fervent Catholic and refused even to say the word "abortion". Germany was still in chaos. To shred their emotions even further, they were mature enough to know that it was impossible for them to keep the baby. Andy began to have some understanding of just why Franz was in such bad shape."Genevieve was ok with your speaking with me?" Andreas asked. "Yep, she likes you - and all her girlfriends think you're super. They just can't believe..." Franz stopped with a wry grin. "Believe," Andy finished the thought. "Franzi, there models preteenz nude are a number of things that can be done, but I need to check some of them out before I can go any further. Will you and Genevieve trust me preteen dream bbs to make some inquiries - without ever mentioning your names, of course - before I get back to you? It won't take too long, preteens thai pics and you and I can touch bases every day. Keep Genevieve posted."Throwing his arms around Andy, the side of his wet, trembling face pressed against his friend's, Franz mumbled, "How did I ever deserve a friend like you, Andy?" HeinrichWhen his bunkmate Franz returned to their room, Heinrich asked if Andy were free. Heinrich slipped away as soon as Franz reported he was, walked down the corridor, and knocked nervously on Andy's door."Got a minute, Andy?" he asked on entering the room. Andreas's obviously exhausted face peered up at him from the bed where the boy was stretched out. As he saw his good friend, Andy brightened and said, "What's up, man?""This is a bad time, Andy?" "Nope, preteen cunt top you're welcome any time," Andreas replied immediately. Come on in and drag up a chair. I'm going to stay right here for a few minutes.""Andy, I need to ask someone a serious question - and know that I'm going to get a serious answer." When Andy nodded encouragingly, he continued. "Did I screw up with my 'Entertainment Night' skit? I mean, did I go too far?"Turning over on his side so as to face Heinrich, Andreas focused his somewhat tattered preteen shemale nudists mental and emotional energies and replied, "No, I don't think so. We HAVE to be who we are, Heinrich, and we have a chance to be just that here at male preteen nonnude DAS HAUS. If I have any criticism, it's that you didn't seem to sexy preteen beach have cleared everything that happened with Kurt. He's a friend - and he's straight. He deserves - no, damn it, he's EARNED - the same kind of love...and respect...that he shows us. Not only that, but you had friends in the audience pressure him to do something that was really uncomfortable for him.""Oh, man, I know, Andy, I know! Kurt gave preteen gay bbs me the word the next morning - and I apologized on the spot. I'll never pull such a stunt again. It went WAY over the line! I'm really ashamed, and I told Kurt so again that night.." Andy grinned softly and said, "That's my friend Heinrich! hairy preteens free Mind if I thai preteen fucking offer a suggestion?" (Heinrich's nod said to continue.) "I guess all teens face this problem, but it's especially bad for us. We just don't get enough - and when we do, we're usually sick of all the preparations we had to make and all the precautions we had to take - even when we're doing something that everybody is ok with! I'm just suggesting that you shouldn't let the pressure build for quite so long. nudists children preteens When you do, and the opportunity to preteen girl modeling score comes around, it's cp preteen incest too easy to let things slip out of control. Let me show you what I mean."Andreas jumped off the bed, went over to his desk, and picked up an already opened bottle of soda. "Would you expect any great problem if I reopened this soda, Heinrich?" "No..." Heinrich ventured. At that, Andy shook the bottle and slowly pried the cork up with his fingernail. porn art preteen With a loud "pop," it few half way across the room! "See what I mean?" Andy chortled."How does that apply to me, Andy? I'm not set up like you and Sam - or even those twerps Jaeger and Horst! How do I keep the pressure down? Hell, man, I'm innocent teen preteen burning up and ready to blow my top MOST of the time!" Andy leered and said, "Well, preteen maturity there's always 'Five-fingered Dietrich', but I doubt that's the answer to the question you're asking! No, what I'm suggesting is that you find know...someone to whom you can show your love and, occasionally, just have a roll in the hay. Just think about it, ok?""Yeah, ok. (pause) Andy, can I ask you another question?" Very tired, but suspecting that he was about to learn the real reason why Heinrich had been so persistent about talking with preteens nn tits him at an obviously bad time, Andy nodded."Andy, what do you think of me?" Andreas paused, thought for a moment, and said, "Well, you're smart. I'd hate to crash into you on the football field..." Heinrich interrupted, "No, Andy, I meant what do you think of a person?" Realizing that he was fast running out of wiggle room, Andreas leveled with him. "So... To tell you the truth, I think that you're one of the most handsome guys I know, I think you've got a special personality...bubbly, masculine, kind real preteen pics and, yet, sensitive, you've got a build that makes me drool, preteen hairy galleries AND you're smart and preteen eat cum a wicked football player! Will that russian school preteens do?""Andy, could I come over and lie down on the bed?" "No, you nymphets preteen sex have to wait a minute." With that, Andy got up from the bed, walked over to Heinrich, and deliberately unbuttoned and removed his shirt. Sensually, he ran his hands lightly over the lad's heavy torso, even pushing down below the belt until his fingertips grazed the top of his pubes. The youth was as flat 5yo sex preteen as a board - a magnificently muscled board! In a flash, his lips fastened onto a nipple and sucked... hard...until Heinrich yelped. Then, raising a heavy arm and running the wet tip of his forefinger over each superbly defined muscle, he said, "That's just beautiful, Heinrich. Damn! I'm envious. (pause) NOW you can lie down on the bed - after, that is, you get rid of those clothes!" Needless to say, that didn't young preteen beauty take long...for preteen first sex either of them!If you are fascinated by watching strip tease preteen African specials where a 15-foot (4.6m) crocodile has just picked a thirsty Wildebeest off the river bank, you have the mental image that belongs to the next naked preteenboys few minutes. The two naked, gloriously muscled young bodies rolled over and over in mortal combat until it seemed that they would sink beneath their own sweat. Aided by a few extra pounds of muscle and a couple more years of experience, Andreas finally managed to kneel over Heinrich's mid-section as english preteens galleries he lay on his back. Holding his body firmly with his knees, preteens cp bbs he thrust his hard cock into the equally granite-like sword of his opponent and pinned his wrists back against the bed. "I'm not going to ask you to say, 'Give'," nn preteen girls Andy panted, "because I have other uses for preteen girl bikini you...better uses. If I let you up, will you do what I tell you to do?" "Yeah," Heinrich panted. "Ok, reach into the drawer next to you and grab the lube. Then rub some on my anus until it opens a bit. Then you can push some more lube up me. Go easy. extreme models preteens When you've done that, I want you to really grease your cock. Got it?"Andy, I can do all that, but (and he began blushing furiously) I'm...I'm not preteen russians naked sure I know what to do next." Assuming his best professorial manner, Andy whispered, "You are about to find out that it's as easy as falling off a river bank into the water!" "I know...I know. Watch out for crocs!" Heinrich muttered as he did as he had been told. Helping the boy to position himself, Andy's preteen sexe video hand guided his humongous cock preteen nude superstars to his portal. 'Oh shit, this kid is BIG,' he groaned to himself. "Ok, Monster Meat. You push, you go in a little bit, you give me time to recover, and then you begin to topless preteen com push in and out. From there on, you're on your own. Go!" And, do you know, it really WAS just about as preteen art videos easy as falling off a river bank! And the croc that caught him really showed him what muscles were meant to do! Unfortunately, within all too few minutes, Heinrich's balls begin to rise in their sack and, with a scream, his body carried by the accelerating current was suddenly swept over the juicy preteen edge of Victoria Falls, plunging 328 feet (100 meters) preteen video downloads into the gorge below. His body, feeling spasms the likes of which he had never previously experienced, felt as if it were being torn apart. Oh, but what a ride!Lying peacefully side-by-side on their backs, a deeply satisfied all preteens naked Andreas looked over at his friend. Though his face models e preteen was peaceful, even joyful, tears were slowly preteen pics erotic trickling down his cheeks. Andy slowly rolled over and tenderly kissed them off. (To Be Continued)
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